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RCK/G2/BKL ReallyCool Waterproof Keyboard with backlight White


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Sealed Waterproof Keyboard
Our best-selling keyboard, the Really Cool is a sealed and seamless device with no cracks or crevices making it easy to clean and disinfect at the workstation. With excellent tactile feedback, it is no wonder that the Really Cool is the #1 choice among uncompromising medical professionals in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories and other environments where infection control is imperative. With our special Tru-Lock feature, you can lock the keyboard without disconnecting it from the computer. From simple coffee and bagel spills to the most contagious bio-burden, the Really Cool keyboard is ready for almost anything you can dish out.

Medical Grade™ for Superior Infection Control
The Really Cool line of keyboards meet the gold standard of infection control devices, including being lockable and hygienic white for easy splatter detection. Traditional open-style keyboards can harbor harmful pathogens under their keys and in their crevices, as well as other issues such as mold or mildew. Why risk your patient’s and staff’s health. Choose a Medical Grade Keyboard ideal for infection control.

How Cool? Really Cool
The Really Cool is designed with reliability in mind. With no complicated moving parts under the keycaps, they can work in the most extreme conditions. From muddy fields to messy food processing factories, dessert sands to the frozen tundra the Really Cool Keyboard is up to the challenge.

Cleaning & Disinfecting is a Breeze
Most keyboards cannot be properly cleaned or disinfected. The Really Cool is engineered with cleaning in mind. From sink washing to terminal cleaning, with a 1:10 bleach solution (the CDC standard for handling blood spills) the tough silicone skin can take it. When ready to clean, our special Tru-Lock feature allows the user to quickly lock the keyboard right at the workstation. Once the indicator lights are flashing, wipe it down with your favorite brand of disinfectant. Every surface is easy to reach and your wipe glides evenly over the low profile keys. When finished, simply unlock the keys and resume typing. With our unique locking system, there’s no need to disconnect the USB cable and no worries about accidental gibberish or unwanted commands disrupting your vital work.

Excellent Tactile Feedback, Quiet Typing
When you press a Really Cool key, you feel a distinct tap when the key makes contact that lets you know your command has been entered. Unlike a normal keyboard, the Really Cool is Quiet while you type, which can help keep your patients at ease and improve your HCAHPS scores.

Flat is Better
Studies show that flat keyboards are a good way to help prevent repetitive motion issues. The Really Cool keyboard was designed by our in house ergonomic engineer to sit flat on the work surface, reducing hand and wrist stress.

Customize for Your Specific Needs

Multilevel Backlight
Upgrade to a backlit keyboard to work in dark places. Our special multilevel backlight has an almost unlimited level of brightness, letting you adjust the brightness to fit your environment. After finding the desired brightness level, the keyboard remembers your setting. Simply turn the light on and off with a single button. Individual LED bulbs behind every key, ensure you are getting a backlight that goes above and beyond.

MagFix provides internal built-in magnets which help keep the keyboard in place on magnetic metal surfaces such as wall mount units with flip up trays. If your flat cart tray bounces through hallways, magfix will keep your keyboard in place. Attach your washable keyboard with no need for dirty tape or Velcro™. If your surface is plastic, or any material a magnet will not adhere to, we can supply you with special plates to attach to your tray allowing the keyboard to hold fast.

Custom Cable Length
Custom cable lengths allow you to choose 10-feet, 6-feet or 12-inch lengths, for added convenience through cable management, which can save time and money. Whether your keyboard is used on a workstation-on-wheels, where you may want short cables outside the locked unit, or in an application where you need a far reaching keyboard up to 10 feet away, we’ll custom build your device with a cable length to fit your needs.

Other highlights include:

  • Full-size keys include number pad and F keys.
  • Because the letters are laser-etched into the silicone,the letters will never rub off.
  • The keyboard is USB plug-and-play ready for hassle-free operation.
  • Keyboards may be private labeled with your logo.
  • Available as a red Downtime Workstation Keyboard.
  • Our entire line of Medical Grade keyboards & mice are engineered, built and serviced in the USA, and are 100 percent quality assured, for years of trouble-free service.
Technical Specifications:
Barb Diameter
Cable Color
Cable Diameter
Cable Material
Connector Distal
Connector Material Distal
Connector Proximal
Connector Proximal 1
Connector Proximal 2
Cuff Material
Cuff Range
Cuff Type
Hose Color
Hose Diameter
Hose Length
Hose Material
Hose Type
Lead Cable Color
Lead Cable Diameter
Lead Cable Length Limb
Lead Cable Length V
Lead Cable Material
Lead Color Coding
Lead Number
Packaging Type
Packaging Unit
Patient Size
Resistor Type
Signal Output
SpO2 Technology
Temp NTC Series
Temperature Range
Total Cable Length
Trunk Cable Color
Trunk Cable Diameter
Trunk Cable Length
Trunk Cable Material

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RCK/G2/BKL ReallyCool Waterproof Keyboard with backlight White

RCK/G2/BKL ReallyCool Waterproof Keyboard with backlight White

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